Meet Mischa

Hi there!

I’m Mischa and I am SO excited you’re here; high fives and confetti for you!!  I'm a wife to my best friend Thomas, and known as Mama to our sweet babies Eli and Abby; life is crazy beautiful and my heart is full!  

Typically you'll find me rockin’ out to a Spotify playlist wearing my neon pink headphones (my happy color!), enjoying an extra large mug of something hot (with lots of honey, creamer, or marshmallows depending on the drink!), and sneaking  some chips and queso while the two babies nap down the hall! Nap time is Mom’s snack time, Amen?

I’m best known for choosing joy in every circumstance, loving this crazy vocation of motherhood, singing all day everyday, and loving Jesus in a big way. 

My very best friends call me joyful, resilient, brave, and kind (and make me blush in the process). 

I am honored to provide families with a tangible record of their legacy to share for generations; an honest inheritance.  I’m fiercely passionate about choosing joy always, documenting the miraculous everyday mess of life, trusting God’s will for my life, and celebrating the smallest occasions with confetti and balloons!

I create images for families who believe in the magic of ordinary, everyday life.  Families who long to have their beautiful, messy, ordinary lives documented artistically for their children’s children.  I love to photograph families who are all about celebrating life! 

As a photographer, I have been featured on Grey Likes Baby, Beyond the Wanderlust, and Boundary Stone Baby.  I have also had the honor of being named a finalist in the 2016 Shoot and Share Photo Contest (a worldwide contest of over 225,000 images)!

When I’m not documenting families, I’m usually dancing in the kitchen with my handsome hubby while wearing our 10 month old in the Ergo carrier, singing at the top of my lungs (I would have tried out for The Voice in another more extroverted life!), or chasing our two year old boy around the playground. I love a good Netflix marathon of Grey's Anatomy, the Food Network, or any HGTV show, and strolling through the streets of downtown anywhere makes my heart sing!

If you're curious, here are five things you might not know about me!

- I'm a total sucker for acoustic covers, and think that almost every song sounds better stripped down to vocals and a guitar.  Coffee houses are my jam!
- I met my husband in youth group when we were 12 and 13 years old, but we didn't start dating until college!
- I would rather have warm chips and queso than chocolate (after years of searching I finally found the perfect recipe!).  If I eat something sweet, I crave something savory after!
- I am a classically trained vocalist of over ten years, and took every choir class they offered in my high school except men's choir lol; I even sang in a Sweet Adeline's quartet! Where are my fellow altos??
- I think a hot cup of tea or cocoa and some fuzzy socks can fix almost anything!

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