At Home

There are always those moments at home where the kids are all happy, lunch was actually eaten without a fight, and life is just good.  One of the greatest joys of parenthood is expiriencing those awesome family moments that just make you sit back, let out a sigh of contentment, and just smile at the amazing, beautiful life you have built as a family.  Equally as memorable are the times when the toddler lets himself into the refrigerator, or decides that the living room walls are his latest canvas.  It's the simple moments where your heart is full and you think, "This. I want to remember this."  That is what at home sessions are all about!  At home sessions celebrate all those moments that make your heart so full.

Fresh 48

Nothing changes you so quickly and completely as welcoming a new life into your world.  Those first few hours are so fleeting; I remember wanting to document every tiny detail of my son when he was so small and new, and how fast his appearance changed in a matter of days!  Fresh 48 sessions document all the magic of the first few days with your latest miracle.  These unique sessions happen in your hospital room, and document your joy and celebration of new life!  Meeting the siblings and grandparents for the first time, enjoying the quiet stillness of one-on-one time with mama and baby; Fresh 48 sessions celebrate all things new!

Day in the Life

Day in the Life sessions capture it all!  I arrive as early as you'd like and stay as long as you want!  These fun documentary sessions are a totally real-life look into the everyday awesome of your family!  DITL sessions happen wherever your family loves to spend time; show me your family's favorite ice cream shop, take me on your weekly (let's be honest, it's daily) Target run, or invite me to document your nightly bedtime routine with the kids (complete with the celebratory glass of wine once they're asleep)!  DITL sessions are honest, real-life memories, an honest inheritance, and so much fun!




At home sessions happen, well, at home! These fun and messy, real-life sessions celebrate couples, pregnancy, newborns, and immediate families!   



Fresh 48 Sessions happen in the hospital of delivery and celebrate those first 48 hours of new life!  Bookings are currently available for all deliveries at Shady Grove Adventist, Holy Cross, and Fredrick Memorial hospitals!



Day in the Life sessions happen wherever your family makes memories!  Time spent at home or out on the town, sessions are completely customizable to document what matters most to you!  Half DITL sessions are also available!

All sessions include a pre-session consultation, curated online gallery of edited fine art images, and digital files with the option to add professional fine art prints.  

Sessions begin at $400.